General Surgeon

The surgeon had less new information than I expected, but he too is proclaiming “good” news. I have options! That is news that, unfortunately, not all women get. I can opt for a lumpectomy and lymph node something or other with radiation or a mastectomy. Now look people, we’re all friends here, I am not what you might call “well endowed” if you know what I mean, so the difference between the two surgeries is not much. As nice as it would be to keep some of the breast, there would be the potential for more surgeries after the initial lumpectomy not to mention radiation.

I am well aware that in radiation holds the potential of becoming a super hero (or super villain). I know it is an effective and widely used treatment of cancer. I also know, and have known for a very long time that having radioactive iodine as a child is what caused my mother’s cancer. Back in the dark ages (sorry mom) “they” thought radiation killed germs so she, and many others, were treated with it after having their tonsils out. She developed cancer in her thyroid at 19, and again at 21. She is most likely the reason I have not “why me”-ed all this crap. (Don’t hold your breath though, I make no guarantees for tomorrow let alone the years of hormone treatments). She got through it. She got through it and still achieved her desire of having a family and a full and very active life. Because of her I’ve always known people get cancer. Can’t say I thought it would be me, now, but what can you do? I’ve always known people get cancer and then they move on with their lives. Wow, I got miles off track there, sorry but tomorrow is her 75th birthday. The point I was attempting is that even though, logically, I know radiation is not all that bad, I can’t get it out of my sub-concious that it CAUSES cancer. I think I am willing to trade a bit more tissue to gain a bit of peace of mind.

If I don’t need the radiation there is a good chance then that I can get a “one step” reconstruction. This is amazing to me. I go to sleep with a tumor-boob and wake up with. . . well a franken-boob for a while but still- a new breast! I go monday to talk to a highly recommended plastic surgeon to see what all that will entail.

I continue to be blown away by all the love that is coming at me. My co-workers are giving me their paid time off hours, my school director and community are putting together this totally rockin benefit. My boyfriend. . . I could fill pages and pages of what wonderful man he is. There is no way I could be this ok without him. You rock team Lynn. Thank you times a million.


2 thoughts on “General Surgeon

  1. You didn’t ask for it, but my totally unsolicited advice is to go at this bastard with guns blazing. Why risk a relapse or not getting it all out just to save a lIttle tissue (totally biased opinion here, so take it with a big grain of salt). I have a dear, cancer-free friend who had the one step mastectomy/reconstruction. Let me know if you want me to put you guys in touch. …And yay mom!!!!

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