Plastic Surgeon

I feel good, decisions are made. I am going with a spacer immediately after the mastectomy. A spacer is a temporary implant that goes in and is only partially filled. Then every few weeks I go to the surgeons office and they fill it a little more until it is back to it’s old self. That will give my body some time to heal up and let the skin stretch gradually. Then after all that chemo crap and my body is strong enough I will do an outpatient surgery to replace the spacer with a permanent implant. They will also do some cosmetic stuff that is not all that necessary to discuss in mixed company. That won’t stop me of course, it is fascinating, but for now I will keep it off the Internet.

It’s so strange thinking about all these surgeries. Ive never had one surgery before and now I’m planning months of them. Thank god I got insurance 5 months ago. Yup, less than a year ago I was not insured. I’m sure it won’t cover everything but seriously this would be 100 times more stressful without it.

Tomorrow I face another big fear- the fertility specialist. She is going to talk to me about the effects of all the medicines and what my options are for my child bearing future. Sigh. I know, I know, just get better but … sigh.


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