Reform Now!

Health wise things are good y’all. I feel fine. All my scans and tests came back clear and I feel healthy, I feel good about myself. I got my teeth cleaned and even that went well. I’m really well healed from the surgery. My arm feels good and I think I’m going to ease into some yoga classes this week. Things feel so normal.

A week from today brings the first round of chemo, my mom will be here and I am so excited to see her. I’m not too scared really. I know the many things chemo may be but I’m not going to know how my body reacts until it is reacting so why get upset about it before the fact while there is so much anger to have for the health care system.

I was informed last week that my health insurance only covers 8 office visits a year. That is not to say all benefits stop after 8 office visits but that they only pay for 8. They assured me my treatments are considered a different benefit and they will cover their 80% but I need a lot of office visits and will still incur a good deal of debt. The billing woman referred me to a social worker to help rile up some more funds and to apply for medicaid. I called and told him my deal. He told me that I am well in the income range for medicaid but because I have some insurance I -catch this- am not eligible for help. So apparently if I had no insurance and everything was the same all my bills would be covered, but because I am underinsured I may need to join the ranks of folks whose medical debt forces them into bankruptcy. Does that make ANY sense? I realize I am probably getting a higher quality of care by having insurance but this system is F-ed.

This bummes me out. I know we are going to do what we have to do to make this happen but it makes me so sad that people have to go through this. What do people with kids do? What about older people living off their retirement? It sucks so bad that sick people in this country can’t just focus on leading their lives and getting well. SUCKS!!!


I actually started this post last week and didn’t post it. Its hard for me to be this deep in the money hole. Mike and I started a business last year and like many small business owners we ran it and our home on credit cards. We are so totally f-ed. At this point the medical expenses are laughable. I can’t even pay the bills I have, let alone all that is about to be tacked on. It completely boggles the mind.

I met with the financial help lady at the cancer center and she is trying to fish out some assistance for me. I also have a few numbers for different organizations that may be able to help as well. She let me know dropping my insurance and applying for medicare was an option. She knows I would get it. It would lead to a slew of problems in the future, especially if obamacare is revoked and the pre-exhisting condition bit is gone, but right now. . . all of my costs would be covered. IS THAT NOT SCREWED UP!?!?!? I don’t think I’m going to do it but it boggles the mind that this is our healthcare system. The working poor gets the shaft.

Sorry. I’m ranting. It’s so crushing to have to worry about stupid money at a time like this. My poor little brain cannot process this much information, emotion or worry.


As mom always says “the good lord will provide” (I translate it as “the universe will provide”  but tuh-mey-toh, tuh-mah-toh why argue semantics). I suppose, once again, I will just have to work hard and hope for the best. Wow, am I from the mid-west or what? 5 days till mom comes- better start cleaning.