Awesome things about being bald

I have been bald for 2 weeks now and I gotta say… it’s pretty awesome. I discovered my head is good and round, major bonus for hairlessness. I haven’t razor shaved it yet, just no guard clippered it so I still have stubble or “little dots” as one of the kids says, and it feels very nice to pet it. The stubble is getting patchy the closer it gets to my neck but it’s hanging in there at the top so I’m not sure what to do. Subtle stubble mohawk? Probably so.

Other things I love about no hair – when I come in to the AC from the ungodly Texas summer I get an instant chill from the sweat on my head.

I get to sleep with a hat on. (not sure why I like this but I really do).

Everybody smiles at me. It starts out as an ohhhh yikes, wait she saw me looking better smile smile but when they see I’m smiling it turns into a oh good, good for her, give ’em hell lady smile. I like that.

It does not faze the kids. They started out with a lot of questions and now occasionally ask to touch it but overall, just an everyday thing. This may go under the what I love about kids post but for now, here it stays.

Putting a hand towel in the tub with me while bathing and just lying it on my head ggggaaaahhhhhhhh. Water in general feels amazing on a bald scull.

I’ve always liked hats.

Mostly I like to know that I can do wherever the @$&! I want. Swim in the gated pool down the street? I’ve got one boob and a bald head… whose gonna stop me? Go in the 10 items or less lane with 11 items…I dare you to say something. Bring up inappropriately personal information with complete strangers… um I think I’ve always done that, but you get the point.

Sigourney Weaver
Sinead O’Connor
Megan Fox
Demi Moore
Cate Blanchett
Natalie Portman
Britney Spe… Ok Natalie Portman
All hot baldies. Being bald does give me a brief urge to buff up… and the urge is gone, I’ll just buy pretty eye shadow instead.


Chemo round one

I finished the first full round of my regimen! One week with the 3 drugs and two with the 1. For my first infusion I had the best nurse ever. As many times as I have had chemo explained to me in the last 2 months she did it the best. Essentially, what Chemo does is target and kill rapidly growing cells. The cancer is rapidly dividing and reproducing so it is getting targeted and knocked out. Unfortunately, sometimes it also gets OTHER rapidly growing cells like the ones in my mouth, stomach, digestive parts, nails and of corse the infamous ones. . . hair.

Overall I have done pretty well (hands grasped over head and and swung back and forth over ears in victorious fashion). Minor nausea, major exhaustion, and some killer headaches. All in all though, not too shabby. I worked this week, shorter days but still it was nice to work and see the kids and my friends. Exercising makes me feel better but I will admit I am not doing as much as I should/could. I will find a system!

Friday my hair started making a break for it. For the first time in my life I’m cursing the fact that I have so much hair, not in length necessarily, just on my noggin. I’m planning on going chrome dome when it is time and I’m certain I will know in my heart when that time comes but as of now, the handfuls of hair that are left in my hand after I run my fingers through it are making a surprisingly small dent in the forest that graces my melon. I don’t think head shave day is far off though, all this hair on stuff is gross.

Financial stuff is still very much an issue but I’m dealing with it the only way I am able right now- ignoring it. OK I’m not really ignoring it, I’m just sort of applying with any charity organization I can find, watching my statements from the dr, and waiting for the whole thing to go sideways. Interesting side note the insurance got charged 17,600 for one dosage of the 3 chemicals, I do 6 = 105,600 plus 16 doses of just the one 60,000 = 165,600 if I need to pay 20% that means I pay 33,120. Thats just the drugs for THIS part of the treatment, not the labs and office visits. After that I get one drug every 3 weeks for a year plus radiation for 6 weeks plus the hormone suppressive treatments for 5 years and so on and so on and so on. Don’t get sick y’all, serious. Where is my paper bag for breathing into?