peep peep poop

Tuesday Mike went out to his friends property to work on training with the dog and got home after I went to sleep. Wednesday I got up to go to work and I found a box on the back porch with a bunch of fuzzy lil ducks in it. “Don’t look too closely” I told myself “they will suck you in!” I identified the critters as baby ducks and didn’t even look long enough to count how many because I was concerned with their ultimate purpose. Were they to be some kind of training tool for the moose? If so, I wanted no part of their cuteness. No sir-re-bob, no part. I was very happy to find out that they were in fact for eggs, and not for the dog but for me.

Some may be confused by this sort of high maintenance gift but not I. Mike has been talking me out of getting chickens for a year at least so this is actually some kind of strange compromise.

I am reading everything online I can find, and am feeding them like crazy since these lil peepers can grow as much as an ounce a day. After letting them run around in the raised garden bed I cant seem to grow anything in, I gave in. They are so stinking cute. Unfortunately any males in the group will still meet a sad but delicious end but at least their short lives will be filled with joy and a crazy bald lady smiling at them. They are pekin ducks. They will be all white and difficult to tell apart so I don’t think naming them is on the bill (ha!) especially not until we figure out who the boys are. Mike has started referring to them susie and the banshees and I kinda find that hilarious.

Some not-all-that-bad-but-incredibly-annoying cancer treatment stuff happened too but I have no desire to talk about that today. Today I just want to talk about ducks.



As if I didn’t already think my doctor was cool

He totally knew Julia child when he was a kid. Not even kidding.

I saw him this morning because I have chemo #5 today- second to last, aw yeah. He is really happy with how it’s going and amazed, yes I said amazed, at how well I am doing. He had to remind me that I am getting a very intense dose of chemo and that being tired is normal and most people’s bodies can be knocked the heck back by the same regimen I am on. He didn’t tell me its’s because I am “super awesome” but I know that’s what he was thinking. My vitals are all good, lungs clear, innards ok and such. My nails are not infected or falling off, thank goodness. My eyes are super watery so he did tell me I should probably stop wearing contacts. The stuff can target the ole eyes and it could cause a blockage in my tear duct that could easily get infected. Fortunately I’m not there yet. I doubt that I can lose the ability to cry. Unfortunately my glasses were purchased shorty after Katrina, a.k.a a lifetime ago. The prescription is wrong and they are scratched all to hell so I need to find the cheapest place to get some new ones. Shouldn’t maxing out credit cards be more fun? When I hear the term “maxed out credit cards” I picture a house full of flat screens, counter tops covered in exotic fruits and dogs with gold grills. I don’t picture cute nerd spectacles from eye masters. Oh well such is life huh? And honestly if you are going through cancer treatment and your life’s worst problems are money related you’re not doing too bad right? I am, as predicted, winning chemo so what’s a little bankruptcy in the grand scheme of things? Too bad though, Darleene would look boss with a gold grill.

A strongly worded letter to my body

Dear body,

I decided I was going to feel better today but apparently friend, you had other plans. You are, overall, doing a pretty good job. I notice that as the treatments progress the length of time that you feel yucko increases but not the intensity and I am ok with that. I like that you are not feeling worse. The thing is though, I have stuff to do. Stuff involves standing and walking and talking and a sliver of motivated energy.

I have to ask, what’s with the lack of dexterity? I don’t have much overall coordination to start out with but my hands were somewhat predictable and now my fingers do not seem to want to do what I tell them to do. I will fight you on this one body. I really liked painting the sign for the food trailer this week and I WILL finish the other side.

Also, do you think your getting clever with this insomnia? You know I love sleep. I am really good at sleep. Why do you wake me up in the middle of the night all hot and sweaty, then make my mind race? Un-cool body. Seriously un-cool. Its not just my sleep you are screwing with either lady, you are messing with the cat’s sleep too. Luckily Mike sleeps like the dead but Hushie Pushie needs to snuggle in close and all that tossing and blanket flipping is giving her a hard time. You know cats need their sleep.

It’s time to tighten this team up. We passed the halfway point and the goal is in sight. We have two weeks of Herceptin and that finishes the 4th cycle. Then 2 more chemo, Herceptin cycles and that phase is finished. That is only 8 more weeks! We got this. So let me take a shower again today, and get some laundry done for Pete’s sake.
Irritated-ly yours,