A strongly worded letter to my body

Dear body,

I decided I was going to feel better today but apparently friend, you had other plans. You are, overall, doing a pretty good job. I notice that as the treatments progress the length of time that you feel yucko increases but not the intensity and I am ok with that. I like that you are not feeling worse. The thing is though, I have stuff to do. Stuff involves standing and walking and talking and a sliver of motivated energy.

I have to ask, what’s with the lack of dexterity? I don’t have much overall coordination to start out with but my hands were somewhat predictable and now my fingers do not seem to want to do what I tell them to do. I will fight you on this one body. I really liked painting the sign for the food trailer this week and I WILL finish the other side.

Also, do you think your getting clever with this insomnia? You know I love sleep. I am really good at sleep. Why do you wake me up in the middle of the night all hot and sweaty, then make my mind race? Un-cool body. Seriously un-cool. Its not just my sleep you are screwing with either lady, you are messing with the cat’s sleep too. Luckily Mike sleeps like the dead but Hushie Pushie needs to snuggle in close and all that tossing and blanket flipping is giving her a hard time. You know cats need their sleep.

It’s time to tighten this team up. We passed the halfway point and the goal is in sight. We have two weeks of Herceptin and that finishes the 4th cycle. Then 2 more chemo, Herceptin cycles and that phase is finished. That is only 8 more weeks! We got this. So let me take a shower again today, and get some laundry done for Pete’s sake.
Irritated-ly yours,


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