As if I didn’t already think my doctor was cool

He totally knew Julia child when he was a kid. Not even kidding.

I saw him this morning because I have chemo #5 today- second to last, aw yeah. He is really happy with how it’s going and amazed, yes I said amazed, at how well I am doing. He had to remind me that I am getting a very intense dose of chemo and that being tired is normal and most people’s bodies can be knocked the heck back by the same regimen I am on. He didn’t tell me its’s because I am “super awesome” but I know that’s what he was thinking. My vitals are all good, lungs clear, innards ok and such. My nails are not infected or falling off, thank goodness. My eyes are super watery so he did tell me I should probably stop wearing contacts. The stuff can target the ole eyes and it could cause a blockage in my tear duct that could easily get infected. Fortunately I’m not there yet. I doubt that I can lose the ability to cry. Unfortunately my glasses were purchased shorty after Katrina, a.k.a a lifetime ago. The prescription is wrong and they are scratched all to hell so I need to find the cheapest place to get some new ones. Shouldn’t maxing out credit cards be more fun? When I hear the term “maxed out credit cards” I picture a house full of flat screens, counter tops covered in exotic fruits and dogs with gold grills. I don’t picture cute nerd spectacles from eye masters. Oh well such is life huh? And honestly if you are going through cancer treatment and your life’s worst problems are money related you’re not doing too bad right? I am, as predicted, winning chemo so what’s a little bankruptcy in the grand scheme of things? Too bad though, Darleene would look boss with a gold grill.


2 thoughts on “As if I didn’t already think my doctor was cool

  1. Susan knows a place that if you know you rx – they can convert from your contacts – you can order glasses for less than $30! I’ll get name of website and let you know.

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