The facts as I know ’em

So my all my “counts,” white blood cell, red blood cell- joy, crashed hard on Tuesday leading me to feel, well how many was can I say bad. After mike repeatedly told me to call the dr I finally did. He was right. I found out I needed fluids, 3 white blood cell boost shots, antibiotics, and tamiflu (just in case). I also had to get an ultrasound of my port, cuz it’s a little wonky. I feel crappy y’all. Then today I went in for more fluids and said- I really wish I could swallow liquids, could I have thrush? Shore nuff. So that’s why everything tastes like burning and I can’t keep liquid in my mouth. I am glad that every ailment has some kind if cure but I can’t help but feel like I’m doing a bad job here y’all. I like to succeeded, I like to triumph adversities and instead I feel like a big ole burden. I just want to guzzle ice water and eat a sandwich!! For now I take little sips even though it tastes like saltwater and make every effort to keep it down and eat well, very little to nothing because my stupid mouth hurts. That is my vent. Hopefully graceful and uplifting Lynn will be back soon.


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