Catch up

I have been home almost a month now and I have conquered many unexpected obsticals. Who knew how low to the ground regular toilets are, or my crappy couch for that matter. “Mike, I’m stuck” has been said on more than one occation. Who knew how difficult showers were to get into and exhausting to stand during. Old people knew I guess but certainly not me. Luckily for me though I have an awesome patient navigator that found me a walker, a raised potty seat (with handles so you can push up to standing) and a shower bench. I can now lift my legs high enough to get in the shower standing up but I still like to sit under the warm water. I also have an amazing support community who bought me a cute recliner that I can get in and out of myself. 

Medically I am doing ok. I am still slowly shedding the extra fluid from my body and battling my electro lights as a a result, but that’s a natural reaction. I am battling nausea pretty hard and am having a difficult time eating. I never in my life thought I would say this but – I have NO appetite. I try really hard though and kind of force myself the best I can. I am somehow getting stronger though. I do all my p.t. exercises and try to walk everyday. I am able to do more daily. (Pats self on back. Then starts scratching it because the skin is so dry) 

My plan of attack as of last week is to still wait on the big, bad, kill everything  chemo and go forward with the targeted, more finely tuned, less side effects chemo. I had an infusion of those 2 targeted guys on Wednesday. Next week we will check my blood tests and see how everything is there then I will get a CT scan to decide on the next step. I’m not positive what plan of action comes from what results but luckily, I’m not the dr.  

I’d say my attitude is still pretty positive but I certainly have my moments. The fact that one of the treatments alters hormone reception can’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that I feel all the feelings- in a 10 second timeframe. Ha! I did that without the medicine. I will say I am getting anxious to get out of the house more and stretch my independence. I could use more human integration and quite frankly, the dog is sick of me. Hopefully Mike can get a day off soon and we can go for a nice drive. You know, like old people.